School Ornament Painting Events

School Ornament Painting Events

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Changing things up this year teacher friends! So read entirely. 
We bring the party to you! 

Click “Add to cart” and in the comments list the name of the school and approximately how many children will be participating in this year’s ornament painting event at the school.

We also need a good cell phone number to contact you about getting a date and time set up for you. We will text you info on everything you need to know about having us come to your school to paint ornaments with your children.

We come to your school if you have at least 100 painters. What if I only have 30 painters? We can still help you! We pack a Togo kit with everything you need to facilitate ornament painting with your kids. 

How much does it cost? So glad you asked, in the past every child painted over ornament. This year we are giving the school the option to let kids paint 1 or 2 ornaments. If your school chooses to paint one ornament each the cost is $6 per ornament. 
if the school decides to have each child paint 2 ornaments the cost is $10 per student. 

How long does it take to get ornaments back after painting event? Average is 7 days but we would love to have a little extra time so please book early to get the early painting dates!